Classic Tan Remover

Classic Tan Remover

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Classic Tan Remover



  • Classic-Manicure (Cut & File) 

  • Classic-Pedicure (Cut & File) 

  • Face & Neck-Detan/Beach 

  • Threading 


You may look dashing before the camera but there can always be dirt and impurities within your body. Not only your face but even your hair and nails need purification. CuDel, a home beauty salon brand, does this for you through the Classic Tan Remover package. Our beauty experts come and clean your skin thoroughly. We expect to offer you a WOW experience through this beauty service package at your home. Let's learn more about this package.

So, What Do We Offer Through Classic Tan Remover Package?

Our classic tan remover package service at home includes these -

  • Classic - Manicure & Pedicure (Cut & File)
  • Threading
  • Face & Neck - Detan/Bleach

Let's be briefed on each of these.  

Classic Manicure & Pedicure (Cut & File)

Using our classic manicure services at your home softens your hair by removing dirt and impurities from the same. You can also get your feet neat and clean using these services. Sweating does happen in feet and makes them dirty. If not cleaned properly, you could have foot-related diseases. Stay free from all these using our impeccable manicure & pedicure services. Besides, increased blood circulation, optimal weight distribution and reduction of anxiety are other benefits of these services.


Too much hair on your eyebrows and forehead does lessen your smartness and beauty. Why not use our best-in-class threading services to glow more? Our talented and skilled beauty experts use certified threading equipment to give you the best experience. 

Face & Neck - Detan/Bleach

Your face gives others the first impression about you! Also, the neck adjoining your face is there for everyone to see. Get your face and neck glossy using our impressive Detan/Bleach services at your doorstep. 

So, How Can You Contact Us?

Just ping us on WhatsApp and our beauty experts will be there to serve you at your home.