Complete Glow Package

Complete Glow Package

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Complete Glow Package



  • Face Clean-Up – VLCC 

  • Face & Neck-Detan/Beach 

  • Threading

It’s time to glow and shine together with the Complete Glow Package, which you can get from CuDel, a leading beauty salon brand, at an affordable price. Our skilled and experienced beauticians serve you at your home with this package. So, what’s the wait? Allow us to make you shine with this package. 

What Does This Package Have for You?

We keep the services short but effective under the Complete Glow Package - Threading, Face & Neck - Detan/Bleach, and Face Clean Up - VLCC. Let’s check out these services.

Threading Services at Your Home

Getting bothered by too much hair around eyebrows, lips and forehead? You deserve special care from our experts who would apply threading technologies to trim the hair around these parts to an optimum level.  

Face & Neck - Detan/Bleach

Your face & neck are hotspots for pollution to make them dirty. And you can’t help it to a great extent given the travelling you do and a very little time to take care of yourself. Trust us to make your face & neck clean using our Detan/Bleach services. These services help remove tan from your body and give you a complete glow. 

Face Clean Up - VLCC

We clean our face daily while getting ready for the office. But there’s no denying the positive impacts professional services from CuDel will have on your face. Face packs and creams will be of no use if not applied efficiently. This is where our beauticians come in handy for you. They analyse your face and skin texture before initiating.

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