Make Me Beauty Package

Make Me Beauty Package

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Make Me Beauty Package



  • VLCC-Fruit Facial 

  • Face & Neck-Detan 

  • Chocolate Waxing-Full Arms & Under Arms & Full Legs. 

  • Chocolate Waxing –Bikini Wax 

  • Thread Work- Eyebrow, Upper lips & Forehead 

Beauty has no boundaries as girls love to get styled the way they want. No matter if it sounds unconventional or even weird to others. CuDel, a home beauty salon brand, meets all your style wishes with the Make Me Beauty package. Impressive services and skilled beauty experts win you appreciation from your colleagues and friends. So, order this package and get styled at your home. 

What’s Available Under the Make Me Beauty Package?

This beauty package includes VLCC-Fruit Facial, Face & Neck-Detan, Chocolate Wax, Bikini Wax, Thread Work, etc. Let’s discuss all these beauty services at home.

VLCC-Fruit Facial

Pimples on your face and no remedy in sight? Look at our VLCC-Fruit Facial kit that helps remove blemishes and pigmentation. Applying this facial lessens wrinkles and refreshes your skin and its complexion. Go for it, girls!

Face & Neck-Detan

Want to get your face and neck detoxed professionally? We are there for you! Our beauty experts know how to remove tan from your face and neck and make them look awesome. 

Chocolate Waxing

You may not like hair around the underarm or your legs! We help you get rid of it by offering you chocolate waxing services. Using the same will help remove the hair from these body parts. Our beauticians also remove hair around your bikini line courtesy of our bikini wax services. 

Thread Work

Excess hair around eyebrows, lips and forehead is never appreciated. And you girls know it! But the best part is we trim the same using the expertise of our beauticians and their threading services. We ensure you have a great threading experience.

So, ping us on WhatsApp and stay beautiful!