Smooth Skin Package

Smooth Skin Package

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Smooth Skin Package



  • Rica Waxing-Full Arms & Under Arms 

  • Face & Neck-Detan/Beach 

  • Face Clean-Up – VLCC 

  • Pedicure-Classic 

  • Thread Work- Eyebrow, Upper lips & Forehead 

Smooth skin makes you feel ultra-light. Constant travelling and getting exposed to different weather conditions make skin nourishment important for us. But what if we tell you that CuDel, a leading beauty brand, gets you smooth skin at your home? Yes, our skilled beauticians are ready to offer a wide range of services under the Smooth Skin Package at your home. Let’s check out these services.

Contents of Smooth Skin Package

Our Smooth Skin Package includes Rica Waxing, Face-Neck Detan/Bleach, Classic Pedicure, Face Clean Up, and thread work for your eyebrows, upper lips and forehead. Let’s know about each of these, starting with Rica Waxing.

What’s Special About Rica Waxing?

This waxing comes free of colophony, a skin sensitiser that can cause you allergic dermatitis. Vegetable oil mixed with glyceryl resonates is used in this waxing to offer you a smooth skin.

Face-Neck Detan/Bleach

Your face and neck can get dirty given the pollution these days. But don’t worry, our Face-Neck Detan/Bleach helps remove tan and softens your skin.

Classic Pedicure

Your hair, nails and feet can get refreshed through our Classic Pedicure Services. We have skilled pedicure experts for you.

Face Clean Up

Want a neat & clean face at an affordable rate? None better than CuDel to look up to! We have trained our beauticians to clean your face thoroughly.

Threading Services

Too much hair around your eyebrows, lips and forehead can look bad. We understand the same by offering you threading services, which help remove unwanted hair from your body.

Getting all these beauty services at home is possible with just a ping on WhatsApp. Once you do that and fix an appointment, our beauty experts will come and smoothen your skin at your home.