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  • Face and Neck De-Tan


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Often we experience skin rashes when exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays under blazing sunlight. These rays can also cause cancer. So, better be careful than sorry! Let’s trust CuDel, a leading home salon brand, and its de-tan services at home for effective skincare. The combination of skilled beauty experts and their outstanding equipment prevents you from potential skin ailments and gives you a look that you can flaunt. So, if you were searching for - de-tan services at home near me - ping us on WhatsApp! Our experts will be there at your home. Let’s check our de-tan services.

Our De-tan Services That You Would Love

De-tan services, in short, are a process by which our experts remove tan from your body. And we provide you with a wide range of de-tan services at home. These include de-tan services for the face, neck, back, underarms, stomach, full body, etc. Let’s discuss these de-tan services. 

Face & Neck De-tan Services at Home

A glowing face helps you create a nice impression before others. And it’s possible with our face & neck de-tan services that help repair any damages caused to you by ultraviolet rays, clean your face by removing dirt and impurities, tighten pores and skin, ensure optimal skin PH, etc. If your search is - face & neck de-tan services near me - ping us now!

Impressive Stomach De-tan Services

Your stomach may be hidden from the public eye but you would want it to be as shiny as your face, right? So, if you want stomach de-tan services at home, none better than our experts to do so. Techniques applied by our beauticians help purify your stomach skin, making it soft and glowing.

Book the Best-in-Class Back De-tan Services Now

Your back too deserves care and nourishment just like your other body parts. Get your back neat and clean using our back de-tan services. Our beauticians use the best technique to remove impurities and make you feel soft and comfortable.