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  • Hair Cutting - Basic


  • Hair Cutting - Basic and Blow Dry


  • Hair Cutting - Medium


  • Hair Cutting - Medium and Blow Dry


  • Hair Cutting - Advance


  • Hair Cutting - Advance and Blow Dry


  • Hair Color Application


  • Hair Root Touch up


  • Hair Spa-Herbal


We have fans for different hairstyles. Some want long hair, some want short, some want curvy and so on. Modern day youngsters love experimenting with hair to look new age all the time. Keeping in mind the same, CuDel, a leading home salon brand, provides custom hair services at home. Our beauty experts are not only skilled hair cutters but can also colour your hair the way you want. Getting all these haircare services at pocket-friendly rates delights both you and us. So, stop at us for your query - hair services at home near me.

So, What Hair Services Do We Offer You at Your Home?

CuDel offers you wide-ranging hair services at home. These include basic hair cutting, basic blow and dry hair cutting, medium, colour application, root touch up, spa herbal, etc. Time now to know about these haircare services.


Basic Blow and Dry Hair Cutting

Want to go beyond shiny and bouncy hair? We heard you by offering you basic blow and dry hair cutting services at home. You can also get curly or straight hair using these services.

Hair Colour Application

Want to experiment more in terms of colour? We’ve got you covered with numerous colour combinations for you to try. Your hair becomes glossy and refreshing for you to flaunt. Book an appointment with us today for this fantastic hair service at your home.

Root Touch Up

It is required a few weeks after hair colour application. Here the colour spreads to the root of the hair to make you look smart and confident.

Spa Herbal

Natural beauty is the best beauty! Something that spa herbal does for you. It is free of chemicals, instead, it contains healthy ingredients such as vitamins, nutrients and other elements.