The fast-paced world does always allow us the time to focus on our hands as we need to cover up so many things throughout the day. From managing an office to household work, we generally don’t have time for self-care. Don’t worry, now you can maintain your beauty while managing other work with simple beauty hacks. We are sharing some simple hacks that help you look your best in the shortest time possible as most of us don’t have long hours to spend on skincare. Here we have some beauty hacks for you to have a look at. 

Hydrating Coconut oil

Coconut oil inevitably has obvious advantages for our skin, hair and general health. For hair dryness or damage due to heat, consider applying some coconut oil to your scalp, skin, or the affected area. It also helps lighten skin tone. The nutrients found in coconut oil will leave your skin and hair feeling wonderfully nourished.

Baby Powder

One of those items that everyone should have in their purses since it works wonders for virtually anything, especially when you want your lipstick to stay on and appear matte. Applying a small amount of baby powder to your lips is all that is required. If you apply a second coat of mascara after dusting it with baby powder, you will be delighted with the effects.

Developing Waves in Your Hair

It’s obvious to get tired of wearing your long hair in a straight style. So, get your hair washed, braid it when it’s halfway dry, and leave it on overnight. The next morning, you would find hair with natural waves and curls, making you look amazing.

Make a Bun with Minimal Work

Have perfect fun by tying your hair in two ponytails at the base of your hairline. Gradually, twist and wrap the ponytails around each other for a full, secure bun. As we all know, when you get your bun on, it tends to get loose and you have to keep doing it over and over again.

Apply the Foundation in the Middle

Although it might not seem like much, applying foundation to the middle of your face and then brushing it outward will ensure that it distributes evenly and gives you beautiful makeup.


When applying mascara, Vaseline helps keep the lashes apart and gives volume. To remove the mascara, just apply Vaseline and take your time wiping it off with a cotton ball.

Get Rid of Dark Circles

As cucumbers come with cooling properties, look to cut two slices of cucumber, put them in the freezer, and keep them over your eyes for five minutes. This will help your eyes relax and gradually lessen your dark circles.

Green Tea

Green tea is excellent for detoxifying and has many benefits for hair and skin care; it also relieves rashes and other skin issues.

Ice Cubes

You must have seen many celebs using ice cube hacks in their beauty routine. They recommend this as ice cubes open up their pores and make skin more glowy. After the ice cube, the application of the makeup product becomes more flawless and gives a dewy finish. Ice cubes are fantastic for soothing and tanning skin, as well as inflamed skin. Maintaining smooth and beautiful skin is crucial, especially during the summer months.

Use Perfume Immediately After Shower

Applying your perfume immediately after taking a bath can enable it to develop and stay longer.

These are some life-changing hacks you can use to make your beauty routine effective. 


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