Cracks never look good, not only on the walls but even on the face. The uneven, acne-prone and tanned skin makes us feel less confident. But my girl, did you properly take care of your skin? Did you give it the nourishment that it exactly wanted? NO! You must seriously take care of yourself.

If you have acne, tanned and uneven skin, then gorgeous, you are doing something unfair with your skincare routine. Several factors make our skin unhealthy and acne-prone, including poor skincare routine, unhealthy diet, hormone imbalance and more. But if you are taking a proper diet and even then your skin feels dull and lifeless, change your skincare regimen princess! You need to incorporate every step in your skincare routine that suits your skin and makes it more glowy and adorable. If you are new to it and want more useful tips, read this blog carefully.

Use Sunscreen Every Day 

Make sunscreen your best friend if you want a radiant glow on your skin. Use it every day even if you are going outside or not. Start your day with a refreshing face wash and remove all overnight oil and debris from your face. After that, use a cleanser to remove overall residue from your face. Now take a serum or toner, whichever you prefer after cleanser, and blend it on your skin perfectly. Leave it on your face for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Moisturiser is a must for every day. After that, use sunscreen on your skin and blend it. Also, take a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection, SPF 30 (or higher), and water resistance. 

Avoid Bad Habits Like Smoking

Healthy skin requires a complete NO to bad habits. However, most preferably, we are going to talk about smoking. Many of us start smoking just for showoff. Smoking is never good for the skin and health. Smoking makes our faces look dull and speeds up skin ageing. It also worsens our wounds as after smoking, wounds will also take longer to heal. 

Use Tan Remover If You Have Tanned Skin 

It’s not always correct that your skin is tanned only when you visit outside. You can even get tanned skin even indoors. Due to more tanned skin, you can also increase the chances of skin cancer. If you don’t want to use something chemical-based, try to make homemade self-tanner. You can even prepare some useful tan removal packs using your kitchen products. This keeps your skin healthy and radiant. You can also protect your skin by wearing some full-sleeved clothes, scarves and sunscreen. 

Apply Products That Match Your Skin Needs 

Before applying any products to your skin, identify your skin type. Because oily, dry and combined skin requires different care. If you apply something that is not meant for your skin, it results in acne and uneven and dry skin texture. 

Exfoliation is Compulsory

It’s compulsory to exfoliate dead skin cells twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, scrub your skin once a week. An effective scrub helps remove tanned skin, oil and extra debris from your skin. This helps protect your skin’s uneven texture, acne and debris. Do all this with soft hands as exfoliation when done vigorously can irritate your skin and may worsen any skin condition, including acne.

Wash Your Face Even After Sweating and Before Going to Bed 

Overnight oil accumulation and sweating result in acne and uneven skin texture. That’s why everyone must wash their face after sweating and even before bed. This helps protect your skin from uneven texture and gives you more clean and hydrating skin. 

Don’t Take Stress 

If you take too much stress, it hurts your skin. Stress makes your face look dull and dry. That’s why everyone must take care of their stress level. You can reduce your stress level by doing yoga and meditation. 

Maintain Your Diet 

To keep yourself healthy from inside and outside, you need to take care of it internally too. You can do this by incorporating minerals, proteins and hydrating drinks into your skincare routine. 


These are some skincare tips you can incorporate into your routine for healthy and rejuvenated skin. However, if you want home salon services, contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon in Delhi-NCR. This one-stop beauty destination provides several beauty services at your doorstep. Book your favourite beauty service now!