Are you planning to be a bride in 2024? If yes, this blog helps you get the ideal look you want to get! 

We all want to look glam on our wedding day. However, achieving that is a little difficult for all. There are several kinds of bridal makeup from which it can be difficult to choose the right look. We all have different features and skin shades that need different makeup and colours to grab our attention. We Indian brides are known for our glamour, flamboyance, and exotic beauty. You must want to get the same. The most useful tip you as a bride can choose is to wear the perfect Indian bridal makeup which enhances the eyes, lips, cheekbones and jewels. We know that you are still confused about the bridal makeup look that suits you. Don’t worry, be with us in this blog and select the best makeup for you. 

Traditional Indian Bride Makeup Look 

As an Indian bride, if you want to achieve that traditional Indian bridal makeup look, apply Bindi. The brides of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Calcutta incorporate Bindi in their makeup which makes them look traditional. Bindi is the decorative red and white colour dots that brides have on their foreheads just above the eyebrows. These dots signify the part of Solah Shringar and the sixteen adornments the bride wears. You can pair Bindi with heavy jewellery that involves Maang Tikka, nose rings and more. The red, pink and other dark shades of maroon look great with traditional bridal makeup. 

Modern Glam Makeup for Indian Bride 

For achieving that modern Indian bride makeup look, you can opt for exotic dark Smokey eyes with the layered bronze and gold undertones that give you a facelift. You can also make your look simple and adorable by highlighting a telling feature. In overall makeup, try to make the nose, eyes and chin the focal point of your makeup. Wear this makeup with a monochromatic dress and you can try this look on your ring ceremony as well as on your wedding day. 

Elegant Indian Bride Makeup Look 

For achieving that elegant Indian bride makeup look, you can choose smokey or glitter eyes with bold lipstick, bindi and full lashes. Match this look with heavy jewellery and lehenga that make look more glamorous. Also, if you’re planning to get engaged in the daytime, pair this look with nude or pink shade lipstick. For well-chiselled cheekbones, take bronze that suits Indian skin tone and contour the face with blush and pink draping. This method uplifts your face and makes your face look more featured and glowy. 

Natural Bridal Makeup Look 

To achieve a natural bridal makeup look, try to go for minimalistic makeup that involves subtle colour on the eye and a sheer shade on the lips for the ultimate day or night wedding. For more glow, wear blush on your cheek, lips and base makeup. Wear a pastel pink lehenga to look more elegant and natural. Moreover, you can also put on normal makeup with a soft blush. And the retro glam vibe you can go for siren red lips. 

Simple Indian Bridal Makeup Look

If you want to go with a simple Indian bridal makeup look, try to put minimalistic makeup on. The idea of a monochromatic pink palette expresses romance and freshness that can be ideal for daytime weddings. For a more dewy finish in a simple makeup look, pair a thin winged eyeliner with mascara and pink nude lipstick.

Eye Makeup That Makes Bride Look More Glam 

Eye makeup plays a very crucial role in bridal makeup. So, try to be very minimal in your makeup and not too dramatic. As a bride, you will appreciate the black shadow idea on glitter eyelids. For a more elegant and adorable look, try to make matte flushed cheeks and glossy pink lips. For more glam, you can go with the HD makeup pair seamlessly with cut crease glitter. To pop up the colour pair salmon cheeks and a glossy nude lip. Also, the more traditional and elegant look can be achieved by applying winged lashes with a red lip and highlighted base. 


These are some bridal makeup looks a bride can choose for their wedding in 2024. However, just selecting the right makeup look is not sufficient for achieving the desired look, you need to find a reliable beauty expert salon for the same. Also, what is better than getting all your service in the comfort of your home? For that, you just need to contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. It gives you makeup services at home with expert hands and suitable products. Contact Now!