Weddings are a special day for all but the women who are going to be new brides have several dreams connected with makeup. There are several makeup looks but the trend of airbrush makeup is growing day-by-day.

If your wedding day is almost here and you are confused between the airbrush and traditional makeup, we have solutions that make the selection easy for you. Ultimately, you need to check your skin type, comfort zone and more to decide whether airbrush or traditional makeup makes you look more glam on your special day. However, both makeup have their pros and cons.

For flawless makeup, many brides choose airbrush makeup, however, it is not suited for all skin types. People with dry skin can face flaky skin after airbrush makeup. Traditional makeup is hydrated and probably suits dry skin as it is more moist than airbrush makeup. People with oily skin can go for airbrush makeup, while those with dry skin prefer traditional makeup.

Let’s Discuss Them in Brief:

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup 

The foundation in airbrush makeup is thin and consists of a liquid-like consistency. This foundation is highly colourised and pigmented and it gets sprayed on the skin using an airbrush compressor and pen. Its correct application provides a flawless makeup look for special events. Some brides give negative reviews to airbrush makeup and it’s due to its incorrect application. Incorrect applications look heavy and cakey. So, for correct airbrush makeup, get services from a professional makeup artist, someone who has correct knowledge of all products and applications. The correct application of airbrush makeup looks like a second skin that will last the entirety of your wedding day and night.

Airbrushes are more effective during Summer compared to traditional makeup. So, it’s good for Summer brides, as it can withstand sweating, temperature, tears and more. Brides can go for the sheer or opaque airbrush makeup look depending on their preferences.

Why Choose Airbrush Makeup?  

Photoshoot Ready 

The high-definition cameras can pick up any inconsistencies in makeup. If your foundation and other makeup products do not blend correctly due to incorrect application, the camera will pick that up. However, the airbrush makeup is long-lasting and waterproof, meaning after airbrush makeup, you don’t need to worry about your makeup smudging or sweating off throughout the day!


There are several makeup brushes and sponges in the market that are expensive. With airbrushes, no one has to worry about the different brushes. In airbrush makeup, there is no space for the makeup pilling and it looks perfect in photos. At least on the wedding day, we prefer quality makeup.


Wedding days are busy and during summer days, having makeup in place can be difficult for brides. Especially with the traditional makeup. But the airbrush makeup is perfect for achieving a natural look and long-lasting finish.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Makeup 

Traditional makeup is done using a liquid, cream or powder foundation through a brush or sponge. Based on the personal preference of brides, traditional makeup can be dewy or matte. Traditional makeup can suit you more as the products used in it are what you use on a daily basis. So, just before your special day, don’t try new things as there may be a risk to your skin. Brides should remain in their comfort zones. If you want to see the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup, ask your makeup artists to apply a half-face of each foundation type when you have your trial. Using the technique you can find the correct makeup look for your special occasion.

Traditional makeup is versatile and consists of several formulations. With the help of a makeup artist, you can achieve a natural to dramatic look with traditional makeup.

Why Choose Traditional Makeup? 


Normally, all makeup artists ask the brides if they want to wear makeup every day. If someone follows the same regimen for years then a similar application is good for the wedding day.

Dry Skin 

People with dry skin can go for the traditional makeup application. There are several formulations available in traditional makeup that make it easier to find the product for special skin needs.


Now you may be clear about the airbrush and traditional makeup. Choose the right option that suits your skin and makes you look prettier on your special day. If you don’t want to go outside your home for bridal makeup, search for Makeup Services at Home online. Here you find CuDel – a home beauty salon that has an extensive line of makeup services. Book your appointment now!