After applying sunscreen on your face, you think you’re good to go. You’re “NOT”. Because not only your skin but your hair also requires sun protection. The harmful UV rays do serious damage to your hair. Sometimes results in more hair breakage and damaged cuticles with frizziness. Don’t you want to achieve that shiny and healthy hair? Give them nice protection from the sun. You need to incorporate some effective strategies in your hair care routine to protect them from UV rays. Many people have questions in their mind that sun rays are harmful to the hair or not. The answer is – “YES”. Excessive sunlight makes your hair prone to damage. Don’t worry, in this blog, you are going to learn some simple tactics that help you in your hair care routine. 

Let’s Start Tips From Here – 

Trim Your Hair

A time-to-time trim is beneficial for your hair. It not only removes damaged cuticles but also allows your hair to breathe. A regular trim in summer helps protect your hair from split ends. Whenever you feel extra dryness in your hair, opt for a nice trimming session, especially during the summer months. 

Wear a Scarf or a Hat

Most people wear a scarf or a hat before going outside under the sun’s rays. However, not everyone follows the same. This is mandatory as it protects your hair from direct sunlight. When you leave your home, especially during the daytime, don’t forget to wear a scarf or a hat. You can also opt for a wide-brimmed hat to protect your hair as well as your skin. 

Extra Protection for Coloured Hair 

If you love to experiment with your hair like colouring, rebounding and more, give extra care to them. Excessive exposure can fade your hair colour because the chemicals react with the sunlight. Not only fading, hair colour may also become more intense or bleached. Also, hair colouring dries out your hair, so excessive sun rays easily damage them.

Don’t Forget Conditioning Your Hair 

During summer, don’t forget your smoothness provider buddy – CONDITIONER. You can’t avoid all sun damage as we all love to go outdoors. So, applying conditioner to your hair helps bring back the hydration that your hair needs. Harmful UV rays squeeze moisture from your hair that you need to retain using a conditioner. 

Don’t Use Shampoo Every Day

When you are concerned about the conditioner, why not for the shampoo? Use shampoo to protect your hair from sun damage. Also, don’t wash your hair every day as regular shampooing squeezes natural oil from your hair and makes them dry. However, dry hair is easily prone to damage with excessive sun exposure. Protect your hair as it helps enhance your overall look.

Cut Down Heat Appliances

Don’t torture your hair by using heat-styling tools, as your hair is already damaged from the sunlight. Try to avoid curling and straightening as the process makes your hair more dry and prone to damage. If you still want to use them, apply heat-protectant serum first. 

Apply Some Overnight Treatment

You can bless your hair by applying effective overnight treatment, especially during the summer months. Prepare a deep conditioning hair mask at home and apply it overnight. It provides nourishment and makes your hair lively overnight. You can easily prepare it at home and once you are done with the application, wrap your hair with a towel. Some treatments come with SPF protection, which can be a great choice during the summer, particularly if you know you’re going to spend your whole day in a pool or at a beach. 

Avoid Extra Brushing 

Extra brushing may damage your hair as it causes friction. For brushing, try to use a wide-toothed comb as they detangle your hair without breakage.

Try to Use Natural Summer Treatment

One of the most recommended during summer is the usage of the homemade summer hair mask. Take 1 egg, 2 Tbsp of yoghurt and 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Mix them properly and use them on your hair. Keep that on for at least one hour, after that, rinse your hair thoroughly.


Hair is the ornament for all. So, don’t take hair damage lightly as it can make your breakage worse. Want to take hair services at home? Search for hair services at home near me online and contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. It provides several beauty services to clients at their doorstep. Contact Now!