As the weather changes, we bring changes in our wardrobe, so why not make up essentials? Even a slight change in the weather can harm your skin and demands a change in your skincare routine. Skin is very sensitive as it comes into direct contact with harmful chemicals and pollution, resulting in acne, pigmentation, dark spots, patchy & dry skin, etc.

Women opt for makeup services at home to look beautiful but simultaneously, they must adopt self-care. Your makeup products should match the weather and protect your skin if you have doubts about what to use and what not, read this blog. It helps by providing solutions. 

Makeup Products During Summer 

Summer comes with beautiful things such as ice cream, comfy clothes, beaches, and many more. But it also brings heat and humidity with itself, which results in sweaty foundations, smeared eyeliners, and smudgy lipsticks. To protect the skin, you need to give special attention and switch your makeup products. If you are searching for makeup services near me, getting professional tips can be a viable option. Some of the right products are- 

Use an Oil-free Moisturiser

Summer solves lots of problems associated with dry skin but can make it oily. Try to skip the oil-based moisturiser and use some gel or oil-free hydration in your makeup kit. Don’t avoid moisturisation in any session, as hydration is important for healthy, glowing skin. 

Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important in all seasons but it is vital during summer. It helps protect you from harmful UV rays, sunburn and tanning. It makes a protective covering on your skin and prevents UV rays from penetrating inside. Free radicals during summer can harm your skin very badly. To prevent it, use sunscreen. 

Use Quality Primer 

Invest in a quality primer during summer as it helps your makeup stay for a long time. 


Avoid using liquid foundation or cream base foundation as they have a chance of getting smudgy and sweaty. Instead, use matte foundations or stick foundations. Also, if you don’t want to go with a heavy foundation, use BB or CC cream. 

Compact or Loose Powder 

After applying foundation or other makeup products like contour, set your makeup using compact powder and achieve a matte finish. 


During summer, use powder blush, or if you are using liquid blush, set it using setting powder so that it stays for a long time. 

Eye Makeup 

Use a sketch eyeliner or a black eyeshadow to achieve a matte finish and avoid getting it sweaty or smudgy. Go for a powder eyeshadow and avoid gel-based shades as they can become sticky and look bad. You can avoid some steps during summer as loading your eyes with makeup in hot weather is not a smart thing to do.


Before applying lipstick, don’t forget to moisturise them as summer can result in dry and chapped lips. 

Use Setting Spray 

Setting spray helps your makeup stay for a long time and sit at its palace. 

Put Dry Tissue in the Bag 

If you are going outside with makeup during summer, keep dry tissue in your bag and prep your face whenever you feel sweating. 

Makeup Products During Monsoon 

Monsoon comes with lots of humidity and rain. Makeup during the rainy season has to be water or smudge-proof. Try these tips to make your makeup long-lasting. 

Clean and Prime Your Skin 

Clear your skin using a gentle cleanser. Exfoliate it to remove dirt, sweat, pollution, and dead skin cells. Remember that during monsoon less is always more. So, try to use minimal products on your skin. Prime your skin using a primer to help hold makeup on your skin for a longer period. 

Avoid Foundation if You Can 

Using primer during the rainy season isn’t a good idea at all. Because it becomes patchy and smudges after some time due to humidity or rain. If you want a foundation-like finish, go for BB or CC creams to give coverage to your skin. 

Mattifying Setting Powder

For making your makeup waterproof, use a mattifying powder as it absorbs extra moisture from your face and gives a mattifying finish. 

Avoid Liquid Liner 

Try some waterproof creamy liner during monsoon. This gives your smudge-proof, long-lasting, and water-resistant finish. 

A Smudge-Proof Lipstick 

During the monsoon, shift to water-resistant and smudge-proof lipstick. This helps you prevent lipstick bleeding in the rainy season. 

Don’t Forget to Set Spray 

At last, set your overall makeup using a setting spray. It helps hold makeup for a long time. 

Makeup Products During Winter 

Usually, winter gives dry chapped skin, dandruff, chapped lips, dry patches and many more. So, consider buying those products that suit your skin during winter and hydrate it properly without causing any harm. Let’s have a look. 


Primer can be your best friend during winter as it hydrates your skin and provides you with a smooth surface to apply makeup. 

Cream Based Foundation or Liquid Foundation 

Apply a cream-based foundation on your face to avoid getting your skin to look patchy or dry. Don’t put lots of foundation on your face as it will look cakey. Put dots of foundation on your face and blend them using a beauty blender. Use the setting spray before going to the next step to keep it creamy and hydrated. 


Apply cream or liquid blush on your face to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid applying dry blush because it makes your skin dry and patchy. 


Before applying lipstick to your lips, prep them using lip balm and gently scrub to remove dead cells.  


Applying liquid or gel-based eyeliner helps draw a line on your eyelashes.


Use a hydrating highlighter to show some glow on your face. 

Use Setting Spray 

Take a setting spray consisting of hydrating agents to make your skin look hydrating and glowing. 


Now you understand how to do makeup in different weather. Follow these steps to achieve a glowing makeup look. But if you want professional help to do your makeup and are searching for makeup services near me at home online, contact CuDel– a professional home beauty salon. You get different services from experts using trusted products at your comfort. Contact Now!