Who doesn’t want to look well-maintained and groomed? Almost everyone! Don’t you want to be the attention seeker with your overall look? You can do this, read this blog till last. 

Your clothes, makeup, nails and overall appearance come under personal grooming. Did you take care of these things? Did you know that overdoing it can also destroy your appearance? Like when you use sunscreen and makeup, and wear clothes that do not match your skin and more. So, you need to be appropriate in terms of clothes, makeup, nails and others. Your attire, hairstyle and other things describe your personality. With hygienic habits and polished appearance, you can go a long way in helping you put your best foot forward and boost your confidence. To make you look tidy and groomed, here we share some personal grooming tips. Make their notes and start following them from now onwards. 

Try to Keep Body Odour Away 

Our body odour and smelly underarms while attending a party or any special occasion with friends and family can make us feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. The bacterial growth and excessing sweating on the skin result in odour. So, be mindful of maintaining personal hygiene by using some mild soaps or shower gel to eliminate germs and dirt. This will help keep your body’s odour in check. Before wearing clothes, make sure to dry your body completely as the moisture can let the bacteria grow, resulting in an unpleasant smell. Consider wearing mildly refreshing or floral fragrances for natural smell enhancement.

Minimal Makeup 

Never overdo your makeup as no one loves your cakey face. So, apply your makeup products to enhance your appearance. Use foundation as per your skin shade to hide uneven skin and dark circles beneath your eyes. You can go with the mascara to give your eyes some colour but don’t go overboard. Make your eyebrows define your face. Go with a modest lipstick or lip gloss. If you are going to attend a party or any family function, your choice may vary depending on the outfit and the occasion. 

Dresses and Footwears 

You don’t need to wear pricey footwear or high-end clothing for personal grooming. Keep clean and well-fitting clothing in your wardrobe. Dress neatly and formally by wearing appropriate footwear and clothing for the event. For a more modest look wear minimal jewellery that also prevents needless destruction or attention. Make sure to wear clean shock, clothes and shoes and are fresh and well-ironed, so that your style speaks for itself. 

Keep Your Nails Neat and Clean

Dirty and unkempt nails not only destroy your looks but may also affect your health. Hence, it’s crucial to keep nails well-trimmed and clean. Cut and shape your nails from time to time and fill them with nail filler to even out their shape. You can go for manicure services to keep your nails clean and your hands soft and nourished. 

Keep Your Hair Healthy and Clean 

Your hair plays a pivotal role in making or breaking your overall look. So, when you talk about personal grooming tips, put hair care as your priority. If you are visiting out for a professional event, frizzy and unruly hair can reflect poorly on your personality. There are different hairstyles and haircuts in the market, choosing any of these depends on your personal choice. However, consider following a good haircare routine for shiny and healthy tresses. Use a gentle shampoo, which suits your hair type, to wash your hair regularly. Improve blood circulation and remove split ends and frizz by applying natural oil to your hair.

Also, don’t forget to use serum after each washing to fly away and keep your tresses in place.

Clean Your Feet 

Our feet ‘health and cleanliness are as crucial as our face when we talk about overall appearance. So, when you take care of your face, include your feet too. Clean your heels properly and make them appear scruffy, as can unkempt toenails and dry feet. You can opt for a hydrating pedicure weekly to remove dirt and germs. Apply moisturiser to keep them soft and hydrated. 


These are some tips women can use in personal grooming tips. However, if you want professional help, opt for beauty services. You can contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. It provides your beauty services at home that help you in your grooming process. Book your appointment now!