Beauties, the new year is around the corner, so what’s your plan for your makeup? Once done with your dress, footwear and jewellery, the next thing you need to plan is your makeup. Because it makes you achieve the desired look. We all want to look beautiful and glowy during the special celebration of the new year. 

You also pay attention to the winter as the new year comes with chilled waves that make our skin dry. If you put makeup on that dry skin, it makes it flaky and cakey which looks weird. So, try to apply makeup that looks fresh as well as hydrate your skin. Here we have some makeup ideas that you can use in your new year look. 

Electric Eyeliner 

You can wear bold eyeliner no matter the colour you choose. Try some dark colours to enhance your eye look. Apply an electric blue shade once on your eyes. It impresses you with the light and shape it brings to your face. Whether it’s gel or pencil eyeliner, draw a line along the lash line in an upward motion towards the outer corners. Then add a few coats of mascara to bring that volume. 

Red Lips 

Red lipstick can easily enhance your look in no time. If you don’t want more drama in your look, keep overall makeup neutral and apply a red lipstick. This gives you a sophisticated and perfect makeup look for New Year’s Eve. Take red lipstick and liner and shade your lips with that to achieve a perfect shape. 

Celestial Eyes 

You can easily enhance your look by simply adding glitter around your eyes. Apply eyeliner to your eyes either to make a wing or smudge it up around the lashes. Subsequently, apply the glitter on the upper and lower eyelid of your eyes. 

Colour Pop 

This eye makeup takes minimal effect and gives you the best look for New Year’s Eve. Using shimmery eyeshadow with a pop of liner shade enhances your eye appearance. Applying shimmer eyeshadow to the upper eyelid helps add enough detail to your makeup. Use your favourite eyeliner colour for the bottom line. Blend everything correctly to achieve your desired look. 

Rosy Flush 

Apply the same colour to your eyes, cheeks and lips to achieve a fab look on New Year’s Eve. A monochromatic look for this occasion can be a good choice. Buy a pink hue to achieve that rosy flush look. For that, you need to blend eyes, cheeks and lips with the same colour. For contrasting colours, apply it to the corners of the eyes for a subtle twist. 

Glistering Chrome Lids 

Apply metallic eyeshadow that gives a foil-like finish the whole night. No matter the attire you choose for New Year’s Eve, this eyeshadow look suits you more. Apply an eyeshadow base on your eyelids and blend it well using a blender or finger. 

Gold and Glitter 

You can wear glitter on any occasion, but the night of New Year’s Eve gives us the green light to wear as much glitter as you want. Apply a gold eyeshadow on your lids with dramatic lip colour to achieve that desired look. 

Watercolour Lips 

A perfect lip colour can change your overall appearance. To achieve that watercolour lip shade, you need to apply your lip colour to the centre of your lips. Blend it using your finger to create a more sheer, washed-out colour effect. Brush up your brows, apply mascara and eyeliner and achieve a glowy look for New Year’s Eve.

Colour Liner with Heavy Wings 

Leave all things on your eyes and wear coloured eyeliner with heavy wings. The black wings with blue liners grab the attention of many. Just wear your dress and pair it with a colour liner and heavy wings. 

Classic with Bold Lashes 

To achieve that classic look, apply a peach blush to your cheeks and neutral lip colour with gloss over top. Apply a smokey liner and pair it with bold lashes. 


These are some looks you can try for New Year’s Eve. But if you want a professional touch on your makeup, contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. It provides makeup services at home Delhi-NCR using trusted products. Book your appointment now!