Facial hair makes you feel bad. But don’t worry, you can remove your hair through multiple ways. Depending on your facial hair growth, you can choose waxing, threading, razor or any other method you feel comfortable with. 

People have light to heavy facial hair growth. Further, the colour of your hair also determines how much facial hair growth will appear. This means if you have black hair, they appear more as compared to the grey one. Some people face more facial hair problems due to hormonal imbalances. It causes excessive hair growth that wed want to get rid of. Now, we will start discussing the ways to reduce facial hair growth. Use them and say goodbye to your unwanted hair growth. 

Method to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Growth 

  1. Use Chemicals to Remove Hair 

In this method, you can use the chemical-based product to get rid of your unwanted facial hair. 

  • Try Waxing 

It’s your choice whether you can use homemade or facial wax from the market. Waxing is a long-lasting process, so people prefer it more because it removes hair from the root. Some people also feel irritation after that, so try to do a patch test before applying on the whole face. 

Take facial wax and heat it in a wax container and apply it to the hair with the help of a spatula. Let it dry and then remove it in the opposite direction of hair growth. You can also use sugar homemade wax. Take 2 cups of sugar, ¼ water and ¼ lemon juice and boil the mixture until it becomes a paste and turns brown. Use some baby powder on your face and then apply sugar wax and pull it off. 

  • Apply Depilatories

These chemical substances help remove unwanted facial hair from the surface of the skin. It converts the root of the hair into a gel-like substance. Read the directions properly before applying these to your body. 

  • Apply Bleaching 

Take bleach that matches your skin tone. However, bleaching is not made for hair removal but it can make them appear less. But if you have excessive hair growth, it does not work for you. Also, it can be irritating. Please consider patch testing before using it. 

  1. Remove Hair Physically 

You can also remove your hair using some physical methods like threading, razor and many more. 

  • Use Tweezer to Remove Unwanted Hair Growth 

Tweezer is said to be the best method for hair removal, especially when you have less hair growth. It’s quite painful but inexpensive. Firstly, sterilise the tweezer using alcohol and remove gently the hair disturbing you.

  • Try Shaving Using Disposable and Reusable Razor  

Disposable razors are preferred compared to electric shavers, especially if you have a thick beard. Firstly, apply a shaving foam or gel to the chin or upper lip. Then glide the razor on hair and remove them gently. 

  • Try Threading 

Threading is the common method nowadays used to remove unwanted hair. It is used mainly for the eyebrows, but some also prefer it for the face. Here beauticians use twisted cotton thread to remove unwanted facial hair.

  • Use Lasers 

Laser is the technique used to remove unwanted hair. And it requires a minimum of 3 sessions to complete the process. This beam of heat and light applies to the root of the hair and stops them from growing after some time.

  1. Use Some Natural Remedy 

If you feel uncomfortable using these methods, you can also try some natural remedy to remove unwanted facial hair. 

  • Make Turmeric Paste 

Turmeric improves the overall look of the skin. Take 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder and add milk or water to it. Apply this paste for 10 to 15 minutes and remove it using normal water. This mask is good for normal hair growth, if you have denser, also add oatmeal to it.  

  • Apply Egg Mask 

You can remove the unwanted hair by taking 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1/2 tablespoon of cornflour. Get them mixed properly and apply them on your face. 

  • Make Apricot and Honey Scrub 

Fruit scrub can help remove unwanted hair without any harsh effects as chemicals do. Make apricot and honey scrub and apply it on your face for  5 minutes. Then rub it gently in circular motion and rinse it using lukewarm water. 

Conclusion Here we discussed the tips to reduce facial hair growth. You can use any of them according to your hair type and growth. If your excessive hair growth is due to hormonal imbalances, you can take pills as advised by the doctor. Also, if you want a beautician to help remove your unwanted facial hair, contact CuDel, a home beauty salon. It provides facial services at home to its clients. You can also take advantage of some other soothing services like waxing, threading, manicure, pedicure and many other services.