As Jill Scott said “Hair is jewellery. It’s an accessory.” This quote describes the feelings of women towards their hair. They flow, dance and build confidence with their hair. What do you feel about your hair? Did you take care of your hair? If not then what stops you? As you take care of your nails and skin, your hair also needs the same. By giving proper care to your hair, you can prevent damage and achieve shiny hair. 

What Damages Your Hair? 

Did you know that your incorrect haircare routine can result in damaged hair? Yes, you heard it right! An incorrect haircare routine may give you unhealthy frizzy-looking hair. Not only this, but your diet, hormones, medical condition, genetics and more can leave you with damaged hair. However, with some simple tips, you can prevent damaging your hair and make it healthy.

Stop Heat Styling on Your Wet Hair  

Sometimes a few urgent events make us use heat styling tools on our wet hair. This is not the right process to follow, whether you are going to curl or straighten your hair. Please stop it, as it damages your hair. When you use heat styling tools on your hair, they become vulnerable which results in hair breakage. Girl, don’t burn your hair like popcorn, yes it’s a fun fact that wet hair pops due to the water and heat contact. So, take the pledge “ that you will never use heat styling tools on your wet hair”. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much 

Can you answer, why do you wash your hair? Here is the explanation – we wash our hair to remove dirt and oil. Then why do you wash your hair regularly? Ladies, stop it immediately, as it can result in dry and brittle hair. Overwashing is never good for our hair, it strips away natural oil. Figure out your hair texture and wash them accordingly. 

Say “NO” to Over-brushing 

Doing things more than what’s needed is never good. Similarly, you can understand with brushing. It’s good to comb hair properly to prevent split ends. But over brushing can cause hair to break. To protect your hair from breakage, minimise your combing habit.

Wearing Tight Hairstyle 

Have you ever worn tight jeans? In tight clothes, the body may feel lifeless. The same thing applies to hair. If you wear a tight hairstyle, your hair also feels lifeless and results in breakage. Sometimes, it’s OKAY! We all love to create new hairstyles such as ponytails, buns and more. But that tight hairstyle results in breakage because of constant tug and hair pull from your scalp. Use soft rubber and be in love with your hair, girl. Take care of your hair as it’s the crown you never take off. 

Never Brush Your Wet Hair 

Some women have a habit of combing their hair immediately after washing. Gorgeous, it’s not the right thing to do! The roots of the wet hair are more fragile and delicate compared to the dry ones. Brushing them while they are wet is not a good idea. It results in more breakage and split ends. Use a towel to dry your hair and brush them after the water from your hair squeezes out. 

Not Taking Proper Diet 

Not only your external habits but your internal ones are also important for  healthy hair. If you don’t hydrate and have adequate nutrients in your hair and are thinking of having long and healthy hair. Joking, right? Our hair also needs love and care similar to our skin. For proper hydration, drink plenty of water, juices and smoothies rich in vitamin C. Eat fruits and vegetables for proper mineral intake. 

Avoid Chemical-rich Products 

We use shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and other products that are rich in harmful chemicals.  The chemical-rich products harm our hair and result in hard and brittle hair. Make sure you have sulphate-free hair care products. This way, you bless your hair. Instead of chemical ones, you can choose organic products that help boost your hair growth. 


These are some tips you can implement while maintaining your hair care routine. If you have brittle hair and want hair services at home, contact CuDel –  a professional home beauty salon. You can bless your hair at home with CuDel as it sends skilled beauty professionals with hair care products to your doorstep. Book your appointment now!