If you’re the one who is facing a dry skin problem even after applying moisturiser, you’re doing something wrong. 

We all want healthy and moisturised skin but that needs more care. But even after moisturising, if your skin feels dry, you must be following an unhealthy routine. The skincare routine consists of several parts, which everyone needs to follow carefully. From normal face wash to moisturise and several other parts. Even your diet takes part in skin health, such as protein, vitamins, antioxidants and water. They help keep your skin hydrated. 

So, just using moisturiser is not enough to make the skin hydrated, it needs additional care. Moreover, several factors make your skin dry even after applying moisturiser. 


Yes, cleansing is an important step that we need to follow regularly. It helps remove dirt, dust and bacteria from the skin surface. However, over-cleansing and excessive washing can result in skin damage. Our skin surface is made up of oil and certain molecules that enhance our skin’s natural moisturising abilities. Overwashing will interfere with the natural moisturising factors by removing oil and molecules.

Excessive Use of Harsh Cleansers 

If you are using over-the-counter cleansers that contain ingredients like benzyl alcohol, sulphates and artificial fragrances, they are harsh on the skin. These types of cleansers remove oil from the skin and make it dry. Harmful chemicals can irritate the skin and reduce the natural pH balance of your skin, which should be around 4.7 to 5. 

Using Excessive Hot Water 

Many people use warm water for baths or even for face wash. However, your facial skin is delightful compared to your other body parts. Using hot water can affect the natural barrier of your skin. A dry skin path creates a pathway for all the germs, bacteria and other outside threats to enter your skin. That makes your skin dry, resulting in acne and breakouts. 


Skin exfoliation is the most recommended and an absolute must for many people. However, an excessive use of scrub takes its natural moisturiser out to make it dry. After over-exfoliation, your skin may show signs of severe dryness despite your attempt to moisturise it.

Generate Dead Skin Cells 

Okay! Over-exfoliation is not good but avoiding exfoliation is also not good for the skin. With normal washing, you can remove dirt and oil from your skin. But dead skin cell removal requires a gentle scrub. Because with time, dead skin cells grow and clog pores that result in a flaky and dry texture. 

Not Drinking Water Adequately

Dry skin can result due to inadequate water intake. The uppermost layer of our skin is made up of 15 to 20% of water. Your daily water intake plays a pivotal role in making your skin hydrated. Moreover, with daily water intake, you can improve your skin’s hydration level. 


A deficiency of iron, zinc, Vitamin A and D can lead to dehydrated skin. You need to take food rich in these ingredients to maintain your skin’s hydration level. 

Skin Condition or Medication

Certain skin conditions result in dry and flaky skin patches. Some skin conditions that cause skin dryness and irritation are atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Not only the skin condition but even drugs like retinoids, topical steroids, benzoyl peroxide and birth control pills can trigger dry skin. Also, flaky skin is the result of treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. 

Health Conditions 

How can your skin look healthy if you are not healthy from within? Your internal health condition makes your skin pale and dry. Some underlying health conditions that make your skin dry are diabetes, thyroid, HIV and more. Pregnant women and the ones going through menopause normally face dry skin problems.  


Our genes also make our skin dry or oily. Some people can have dry skin naturally by staying in a humid environment. People with dark skin lose moisture easily compared to other people. 


These are some reasons that make your skin dull and dry even after moisturising. Avoiding these makes your skin refreshed and hydrated. If you want glowing skin at home and searching for home beauty parlour services online, contact CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. It provides several beauty services such as facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, threading and more. Contact Now!