Special days become more precious when we achieve the desired look. Chhat Puja is also just around the corner. So, which look have you decided to create this Chhat Puja? The traditional festival makes us wear some ethnic. With the correct makeup, you could look much better. For Chhat Puja, you need to create a makeup look that withstands water as you will spend most of your time in the water. But if you don’t have a clear idea of how you create this look by yourself, read this blog and get answers to all your questions.

Tips to Create the Chhat Puja Look 

Hydrate Your Skin 

As the winter is also coming, our skin may get drier. Makeup also looks weird on dry skin. So, hydrate your skin before applying any makeup. Whether you have dry or oily skin, just hydrate it. If you have oily skin, go for a normal cream. But if it’s dry then apply some more hydrating moisturisers.

Fill Your Brows 

Take an angled brush and eyebrow gel. Now apply brow gel with an angled brush to set your brows. You can also use black eyeshadow to achieve a bold look. Sometimes, we ignore our brows, but they are essential. So, fill them to look more glamorous on Chhat Puja.

Achieve Matte Finish with Primer 

To save our makeup from water, we have to try a matte makeup look. For that, apply primer to your skin and make a smooth canvas. Don’t forget your T-zone area, as it faces a lot the whole day. If you don’t have primer in your makeup kit, apply an aloe vera gel.

Don’t Forget Your Eyeshadow Pallete 

Eyes always grab attention. To make them more beautiful, use your eyeshadow palette. Apply a concealer on your eyelids and define your eyes with a wet beauty blender. Blend all till you get an even finish. Take a brown shade from your eyeshadow palette and use it on your upper lid. Now take a shimmery orange shade and apply it all over your eyelids. At last, take a brown shade and apply it to the outer v-side. With the help of white eyeshadow, highlight your brow bone. For eyelashes, take a peach eyeshadow glitter and apply it to the eyelids.

Apply Mascara 

Generally, we forget to apply mascara on our lashes. But after reading these, you don’t forget anything. This Chhat Puja, you can make your look more glam using all products correctly. Apply mascara to your lashes to make them more curl. You can use it in three steps to make your lashes more volumised. By doing this, you can create a perfect dramatic look on Chhat Puja. ‘

Time to be a Little Patient While Applying Eyeliner

To achieve that more glam and matte finish on Chhat Puja, apply a waterproof mascara. This helps enhance your eye shape and grab more attention. You can also apply winged eyeliner to make your eye look bigger and help create a dramatic look.

Glam Your Eyes with Kajal 

Every Indian makeup look is incomplete without a kajal, so keep it in your makeup kit for Chhat Puja. You can borrow waterproof kajal to make your eye makeup long-lasting.

Foundation and Concealer 

We apply foundation and concealer to our skin to even out our complexion. You can use a blender to make your foundation and concealer long-lasting. Also, apply loose powder to your face to ensure the makeup sets completely.

Contouring is Must 

If you have a double chin and want to make your face look slim, contouring is the best idea. Contour your cheeks and chin area to add a dimension. Blend it using a brush in the upper direction to get a perfect shadow.

Apply Highlighter 

Highlighters lift your bone structure. It helps enhance your skin tone and improve your overall makeup look. So, to achieve an impressive makeup look, apply a highlighter.

Blush Your Cheeks 

Apply blush to make your skin healthier and fresher. On Chhat Puja, if you want to achieve that healthy glow, have blush in your makeup kit.


You can use these tips to make you look beautiful and esthetic on Chhat Puja. If you want professional makeup services, contact CuDel – a home beauty salon. It provides you with Makeup Services at Home using trusted products. Book your service now!