Tensed about your dry or chapped lips? If yes, you have come to the right place for the solution.

The change in weather brings several changes in the body. Some good, some bad! But suppose you are nicely dressed from top to bottom for a date, but your lips feel pale and rough. You will be pissed up, right? 

During monsoons, humidity affects the lips and makes them dry and rough. Some people think to get beauty services at home to protect their lips. Give extra attention to provide the greatest care possible. Here, we have some tips which you can use to protect your lips during the monsoon. 

Tips to Protect Your Lips During Monsoon 

If you are concerned about your lips and want to know some easy tips to get rid of your chapped lips, follow these easy tips. 

Apply Lip Balm Regularly 

Humidity makes lips chapped and dry, so they need hydration. Add lip balm to your skincare routine to moisturise your lips. Apply it before bed for overnight moisturisation. Put lip balm in your bag for the daytime, and apply it after every meal. Also, avoid chemical-based or tinted lip balm for better protection. 

Exfoliate Your Chapped Lips 

Yes, you’re right! For achieving clear skin, exfoliation is a great skincare option. With this, you can exfoliate your lips and remove dead skin cells. Try to use herbal scrub for lips, as they irritate when applying chemicals to the same. Scrub your lips twice for better results. Also, don’t forget to moisturise them after exfoliation. 

Massage is a Must for Your Lips 

Blood circulation is necessary for all body parts. It works for our lips too. Good blood circulation makes them clean and healthy. So, massage them regularly using your index finger. Give them a good massage in a circular motion back and forth. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Hot and humid weather makes our lips dry and chapped. Also, lips lack oil glands, that’s why they need extra care. Otherwise, lips appear drier than other skin. So how you do that, just add plenty of water, juice and fruits to your diet. They help you keep hydrated. 

Don’t Touch Your Lips Continuously

There is no outer protection on our lips, so they need extra care. It may be your habit to touch your lips continuously, but it instantly damages them. Bacteria from your hands make them irritate and dry. So, avoid doing this to protect your lips. 

Follow a Good Diet Plan 

It’s good to give external care to your lips, but they also need internal hydration. Start having a diet rich in essential nutrients and vitamins to achieve lovely, soft lips.

Let’s Look at Some Home Remedies for Beautiful Lips

Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub   

Ingredient List 

  • Two Tablespoon Brown Sugar 
  • One Tablespoon Honey 
  • One Tablespoon of Coconut Oil 
  • Half Tablespoon Lukewarm Water 

How Do You Prepare Scrub? 

Simple, take one bowl and mix coconut, honey and brown sugar with lukewarm water evenly. Then give a good massage for 5 minutes to your lips using this scrub in a circular motion. After a good massage, wash your lips using cold water for achieving luscious lips.

Orange Peel and Almond Oil 

Ingredient List 

  • Half a Tablespoon of Almond Oil 
  • Two Tablespoon of Orange Peel 
  • One Tablespoon of Brown Sugar

How Do You Prepare Scrub? 

Home remedies always show beneficial results for our bodies. To take advantage of this paste, mix all these ingredients in a bowl and give a nice massage for 5 minutes. Then wash them using water and don’t forget to apply lip balm after that. It soothes your lips and keeps them hydrated and moisturised. 

Use Rose Petals 

Ingredient List 

  • Half Cup Milk 
  • Lots of Rose Petals 


To prepare this paste, you need to soak rose petals in milk for 2 hours. Then mash this until it becomes a soft paste. Use this on your lips and leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse them off with normal water. This will make your lips as soft as rose petals. 


Now you understand why lips need extra care in the monsoon and how you do that. Use these simple tips and welcome soft and plump lips. Sometimes due to the rain, it’s not possible to go outside for beauty services. That’s why many women search for beauty services at home near me online. Now they stop their search as CuDel- a professional home beauty salon – is here to provide you with all the beauty services by beauty experts. Contact Now!