Beautiful nails are the centre of attraction among women these days. They want to maintain healthy, clean and well-polished nails. It helps bring beauty and health together. If you are not cleaning and trimming your nails regularly, they will look nasty. You can also get affected by severe health issues due to dirty nails. So taking care of healthy and beautiful nails is essential. You can try some natural and homemade tips to get attractive nails. It will help you maintain your beauty routine. 

Let’s Discuss Some Tips to Get Gorgeous Nails

  1. Use a Moisturiser

Moisturisers are a must to keep your skin healthy whether it’s facial skin or skin around your nails. You have to maintain moisture to reduce skin flakiness and dryness. So whenever you are putting on moisturisers, do not forget cuticles and nails. It will help them reduce damaged skin around their nails and make them look beautiful. 

You should try to moisturise after every hand wash or after using sanitizers, as they pull out moisture to kill bacteria. Most people suggest coconut oil as one of the best homemade moisturisers for the skin. Start rubbing it into your nails and cuticles for better results. 

  1. Care for Your Cuticles

Caring for your cuticles is very important. It helps grow your nails by protecting the tissue that grows new cells. You must focus on cuticles to get healthy and beautiful nails. It includes avoiding cuticle trimming while getting a manicure. You can reduce the bacteria build-up by taking care of it. Cuticles should be pushed back and moisturised from time to time. You can lock the moisture by dabbing olive oil or almond oil on them. It will help you maintain healthy cuticles and nails at the same time. 

  1. Avoid Using Harsh Polish

Apply nail polish to get your nails beautiful. But polishes consisting of toxic chemicals like toluene, dibutyl phthalate, etc., harm you. You can have a severe infection after using them for long or irritated skin. So, start looking for chemical-free nail polishes. Always get aware of chemicals by reading the label before buying them. 

  1. Consider Shampoos

Shampoos can impact your nail health. People with oily hair and scalp use oil-stripping shampoos that can lessen the natural moisture of your nail bed. It can make your nails dry and unhealthy.  So, think before buying shampoos and do change the shampoo that worsens your nail health. It will add gloss to your nails over time. 

  1. Buff in Place of Colour

As we know that colouring your nails makes them beautiful. But nail colours can have chemicals impacting nail health. So, you should consider buffing your nails more often than colouring them. It will make the surface of your nails free of dead skin cells and shiny. You can also file your nails to shape them from the outside edge of the nail inward properly. These processes will enhance your nail appearance. 

  1. Select a Good Remover

As the name suggests, nail paint removers remove paint from the nails. They make your nail surface free of the previous colour to apply another one. But most of them are chemical-based solutions that damage your skin. It can be harsh on the skin or feel like stripping off the top layer of your nails. So, start considering natural removers to maintain your nail’s health and beauty. 

  1. Choose Nail Tips Over Full Extensions

Usually, women apply nail extensions to make their nails long and pretty. It gives you longer, more defined nails that look beautiful. On the other hand, it can harm your nails too. You can get fungal and bacterial infections by wearing extensions. For that reason, try to use nail tips over full extensions. It will minimise harm and help you acquire healthy nails. 

  1. Prioritise Nail Health Over Length

The first and best tip to take care of your nails is to prioritise their health over length. Usually, people prefer long nails over healthy nails. You should focus on having well-groomed and manicured nails rather than running for long nails. You can have shorter nails with rounded edges that look neat. It will save you from the extra hassle of managing them. 

  1. Keep Your Nails Clean

Keeping your nails clean is a must-step to have beautiful nails. You can deep clean your nails by soaking them in a bowl filled with water and apple cider solution. This type of solution contains acetic and malic acids. That will help in reducing fungal infection when cleaning nails. It can be considered the basic process of getting beautiful nails. 

  1. Check Your Nail Polish Ingredients  

Always check the ingredients of your nail polish before buying. If your nail polish is made up of harmful chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, your nails will get weak and discoloured. So, keep an eye on the label of your nail paints.  


Do follow these useful tips to keep your nails beautiful and healthy. Nails will become clean and shiny with these tips at home. However, if you require beauty professionals to serve you with manicure and pedicure services, contact CuDel. It is a leading provider of home salon services.