For attending a party, wedding, or just a family get-together, we all love to do makeup. But we also love to take care of our skin, so doing makeup in the right way can help glow your skin. Whether you go with full face makeup or just eyeliner and lipstick, all have to be removed perfectly. Otherwise, they harm your skin in several ways like acne, face marks, and freckles. 

Most of us opt for makeup services at home. They are good to go but don’t forget what comes after the makeup. Get your skin protected from harmful chemicals by removing makeup completely as it is the most important part of our skincare routine. 

Tips to Remove Makeup 

Clean Your Makeup with Cleanser 

To remove your makeup completely, foundation and primer cleanser work perfectly. Take a gentle cleanser and massage it on your face for 15 seconds using your fingertips. Use it near your hairline, around your ear, and under your chin to remove makeup completely. Then wipe it off using clean tissue, cotton, or normal water. If your foundation is long-lasting, you can then use a face brush to exfoliate your skin. 

Don’t be Too Harsh with Your Skin

When you remove your makeup, always be gentle with your skin as harsh hands and products can irritate. Gently wipe off the makeup residue from your face using a cleansing oil. Put a few drops of cleansing oil on your lips, lids, eyebrows, and face. It will help loosen up the makeup, besides moisturizing your skin and making it soft.

Take Stream Heat 

Before washing your face, you can try to steam heat your face. Take a wide-mouth container and fill it with hot water. Then, hover your face on it for at least 10 minutes. This will help open up your clogged pores and remove all makeup residue. It takes time but is an effective method for makeup removal. Do include this in your skincare routine and perform it at least once a week. Also, consider adding some drops of lavender oil for a spa effect. 

Give Extra Care to Your Eyes 

In all-over makeup, mascara and eyeliner are the hardest parts to get rid of. As the eyes are the sensitive part, don’t take cotton balls as they leave fiber. Use cotton pads or tissue paper and add some makeup. Wipe it off over your eyes. Close your eyes and press cotton pads on your eyes for at least 10 seconds to give the remover time to dissolve the product before wiping. 

Use an Oil-based Cleanser to Remove Long-lasting Makeup 

Long-lasting makeup, like waterproof liner or lipstick, is hard to remove. Take an oil-based makeup remover to remove pigmented lipstick and waterproof liner. 

Some Natural Ingredients to Remove Makeup 

Mix Baking Soda and Honey 

This homemade exfoliator is very effective in removing makeup and also provides soft skin. Take a cotton ball or a cotton cloth, and add some honey and baking soda to it. Rub this mixture on your face to remove makeup effectively. You can also use face wash after this, but it outweighs the benefits of honey. So, wash your face using lukewarm water and let the effect of honey repair your skin cells all night long. 

Use Coconut Oil 

We all know the benefits of coconut oil on the skin. But it can also help remove makeup. It’s a natural remedy for the skin as it consists of essential fatty acids, which help repair skin effectively. Consider applying coconut oil over your face, neck and around your ears, using a cotton pad. As a natural cleanser, it provides you with moisturised, soft and hydrated skin. 

Use Milk 

Milk gives you several health benefits when you drink it. But you can use it to remove your makeup too. The protein and fats in the milk get your skin moisturised and repair damaged cells. Milk comes with bleaching properties which help remove makeup and also help lighten skin. Take a cotton pad and remove your makeup using it. You can also use almond oil drops with milk in case you apply some heavy makeup. 

Cucumber Juice 

If you have oily skin then the cucumber juice works best to remove your makeup. The anti-inflammatory properties of this water-based vegetable help soothe irritated and acne-prone skin.  


Hope you have got an idea to protect your skin from after-makeup skin problems. In some easy steps, you can clean your face completely. But for attending some events and parties, we need to go for a makeup look. Many women search for a makeup service near me online to get ready for a party. You can thus connect with CuDel– a professional Home Beauty Salon. It pampers you with professional hands using trusted products. Contact Now!