Acne is a skin condition that causes small, red, and fluffy pimples all over the face. It makes the skin look bad and builds bacteria around the affected area. Usually, people of all ages and races face this skin problem in their life. It lowers one’s self-confidence and self-image. You get irritation and other issues along with them. Everyone wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. But before checking the solutions, let’s know what leads to acne problems.

There are several factors responsible for acne occurrence at different intervals.

Major Acne-causing Factors Include:-

Your hormones can be a big factor in acne build-up. It makes sebaceous glands enlarged to generate more sebum that causes acne issues.

Family history
Having a family history of facing acne can be a reason that you get acne as well.

Taking certain medications, including high hormones like corticosteroids and lithium, can lead to acne.

Age is also a big factor that causes acne problems. Generally, teenagers face severe acne issues.

Now let’s get to know about some tips to overcome acne problems:-

1. Wash Your Face Properly
Scientifically a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes has been found to be a reason behind acne breakouts. This bacteria makes the skin swallow with sebum blockage in the skin. By washing your face properly, you can get rid of pimples effectively. It makes your face free of extra sebum production and removes environmental pollutants. You can prevent those pimple-causing bacteria by washing your face more often.

2. Know Your Skin Type
Knowing your skin type is half the solution to acne problems. Using products that don’t mean for our skin can lead to pimples. You can choose suitable products after conforming to your skin type. It will prevent chemical reactions and acne breakouts effectively.

3. Use a Moisturiser
Using a moisturiser accurately can also help avoid acne. It will hydrate your skin cells to stop extra oil secretion due to dryness. You can have proper moisturisation over your face to have a clear face. If you have acne prone skin avoid moisturisers with synthetic fragrances or other ingredients.

4. Use Over-The-Counter Solutions
Using over-the-counter acne treatment is a fast solution to stop acne. It heals pimples super fast. Generally, OTC medications include chemicals that kill pimple-causing bacteria and relieve your acne. But sometimes it can generate irritation and dryness as well. So, consult your doctor before taking them.

5. Stay Hydrated
Being hydrated is useful to avoid acne breakouts. It stops the skin from getting flaky and dry and prevents an excess of sebum secretion responsible for acne buildup. You should drink adequate water regularly to hydrate your skin. It will naturally prevent acne and other skin-related issues.

6. Limit Makeup
Wearing makeup for a long time can also lead to acne problems. You have to analyse your face and its sensitive area that gets pimples easily. You can have less makeup to reduce pimple-causing germs. It will take sorting out chemical-rich beauty products from your routine. Regular makeup application clogs skin tissues and triggers acne breakouts as well. You can shift to a non-comedogenic foundation or concealer to avoid skin irritation.

7. Avoid Touching Faces So often
As we keep touching our face again and again, pimples get formed on the same. You can stop touching your face so often and reduce the chances of pimple breakouts. Clean your hands properly more often to prevent bacteria from passing on to facial skin.

8. Limit Sun Exposure
Having more time in the sunlight can cause pimples and pigmentation. You should avoid sun exposure with the proper application of sunscreen. It will protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Getting unwanted sun rays can dry up your face and form pimples. It makes your skin dehydrated over time and locks skin pores that cause acne formation.

9. Take a Healthy Diet
Some factors that can cause acne problems include ignoring a healthy diet. You should have faced multiple issues getting acne despite giving a thought to your diet. It is a key factor related to the concerned issue. You have to take a healthy diet on a regular basis to stop acne breakouts. Having processed food, and dairy products. and spicy oil-based food lead to severe acne problems. Start avoiding them and shift to a diet that includes fruit and green vegetables.

10. Be Free of Stress
Stress is one of the pimple-causing factors. It stimulates several hormones that support sebum production to form acne. You can start controlling stress situations with effective yoga practices.

These are some useful options to manage your stress:-

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Journaling

We have discussed the top 10 tips to overcome skin acne problems wisely. If you want home beauty services, contact us at CuDel, a leading provider of beauty salon services at home.