In the hot and humid weather of summer, we spend most of the time enjoying beaches, pool parties, etc. This is the best time to rock with the new hairstyle. Do you want to take ideas about some new hairstyle or are you willing to explore the latest trends? We understand you! 

We have a collection of the latest hairstyles and haircuts for this season. We try our best to make your hair look great this season. So, let’s look towards some latest trends.

Mullet Haircut

Are you bold enough to try the latest hair trends? If yes then we would say this hairstyle is a mere memory from the 70s and 80s. This hairstyle involves a shorter side and a longer back. So, the hairstyle that deserves a second chance is a mullet haircut. The longer hair from the back and short hair from the side look extremely cool. This hairstyle frames the face very nicely. So if you want, don’t stop yourself and rock with your new look. 

Angled Collarbone Bob 

You are the one who wants long and short hair at the same time. Sometimes you want short hair but after a few minutes, you love your long hair. This hairstyle is for you. As it is in trend and a great option for a “short but not too short hairstyle”. 

A haircut that ends on the collarbone, straight around and not shorter in the back or longer, it is the same length all over. If you have an oval face shape then this suits you perfectly. But people with different face shapes also try this new trend. You style this hairstyle with a straightener to go to work and curl this for a party. 

Hairstyle With Scrunchie

You are also in love with velvet or silk, neutral or with a print, matching or contrasting scrunchies. This trend is in work from the 90s and it’s so cool. But this half-up half down with a scrunchie is something that gets lots of people’s attention. You can make lots of hairstyles using a scrunchie like a half bun, or full bun. It not only looks cute but also saves you from the hot weather. 

Shag Haircut

Can you imagine a wispy, feathery hairstyle without effort and daring, yet look sharp and great? You are on the right path with this trending hairstyle. This hairstyle consists of heavy layers, with lots of texture and face-framing strands, so the shag haircut is the latest trend leaving women in awe.

This hairstyle doesn’t need much effort and time. When you dry out this haircut naturally, these choppy layers look great. 

Middle Part 

All of us style our hair according to our face frame. But this middle part hairstyle is currently in trend now. Women wear this hairstyle with suits and even on their bodycon dresses. 

French Braids

We know that nothing is better than keeping your hair away from your face and neck on a hot day. This can be a great hairstyle for a beach, festival or picnic. Before braiding your hair, apply some gel to tame the frizz for clean and long-lasting braids. You can hairspray to finish this look. 

That Latest Summer Curls 

Curls and waves are perfect for summer hairstyles. You can style curls on short or floral dresses. These look the best for a dinner date in a park, a girls’ night on an open terrace, or just a good hair day. We all know that curls and waves can’t survive wind, rain or snow. So, summer is perfect for curls but make sure to use heat protectant spray before curling. 

Short, Blunt Bob 

Bob hairstyles have been in trend for many years but this short and blunt version of this cut is one of the main hairstyles women love. This hairstyle is without layers, with a straight line at the ends. 

Curtain Bags 

Curtain bags is an elongated and subtle hairstyle. It helps frame your face in the most flattering way and also makes you free to pin it back. Take hairpins and pin your hair back and have hair bangs on your face to look unique and flattering. 

Female Crop Cut 

If you want small hair this summer but don’t have an idea about new trends, opt for this hairstyle which stylishly gives you a heavier and longer line at the nap and full-on texture on the crown. This hairstyle is easy to maintain but requires some care as if you don’t style them regularly they look flat and boring. So, they bounce style regularly. 


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