Makeup is about making a new look and letting it flaunt. Most of us try to apply the learnings of online makeup tutorials in our daily makeup routines but find them useless. They just look amazing in videos but are not the same in reality. So, you should know the basics of makeup and use them according to your requirements. Give this blog a try to learn those basics.
Read on!

1. Moisturiser
The first and most important step before starting any kind of makeup is moisturising your skin. It helps hydrate your skin. You should regularly apply moisturiser two times a day as part of your makeup routine.

2. Primer
Applying primer to your skin is another important makeup procedure. Before anything else, put on a primer correctly to make your face even. It gives you the first basic makeup texture. You can mix it accurately to get the best makeup look afterward.

3. Foundation
As the name suggests, it works as the foundation of makeup on your face. It provides you with even-toned skin and fine texture overall. You can choose a foundation matching your skin color to get a perfect makeup base. It supports the best makeup output in the end.

4. Concealer
Concealer is used to conceal your problem areas of the face. It works to hide some of the black spots or blemishes over your face and make it levelled accurately. You can have the best effect on dark circles and get a smooth and fine surface to apply further products.

5. Blush, Bronzer, & Highlighter
After the application of concealer, you should go for the blush, bronzer, and highlighter add-ups. They give you a glowing and alluring look for the day. You can add cute colour to your cheeks with blush, and glow with a shimmering highlighter.

6. Eyeshadow
Applying eyeshadow can give you an amazing look. It makes your eyes more attractive and colourful at the same time. It includes so many shades to match your outfits too.

7. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is used to define your eyes accurately. It makes them more attractive and well-defined and gives you an amazing look. It comes in both black and blue colours to redefine your eyes.

8. Mascara
Mascara is one of the choices of makeup lovers. It gives your eyelashes more volume to make them look beautiful. You can use mascara for great makeup. Some natural mascaras have vegan formulas like vitamin E.

9. Lipsticks
Lipsticks are the most used makeup products around the world. They come in different colours, shades, and ranges to give you amazing makeup.

10. Set Your Makeup
After the whole makeup, you need to set it with setting powder or setting spray. They both are used to give your makeup all-day-long protection. You can choose them according to your skin type. These products are very essential to maintain your makeup.

As of now, we have discussed various makeup procedures. You can easily apply makeup after knowing these on your own. At the same time, if you need a makeup services at home, contact CuDel.We are a trusted home beauty salon service provider.