So, you’ve decided to take care of your hair amid your busy schedule. Beautiful hair with shine and softness is the need of every woman but it takes time and effort. Some people want their hair to grow fast or to look less damaged and dry after years of colouring. The heating tools, tight hairstyle, pollution and dirt damage hair. To maintain their texture and growth, you have to be extra careful. But don’t worry, we have some easy hair care routines to help your hair look shiny and boost your confidence.

Different hair types require different hair care routines. To know the best, you’ve to understand your hair texture and its type. Also, the time of washing and the products you use matter. Let’s start!

1. Avoid Hair Products for a Few Days

Determine your hair texture and its type by avoiding hair products for a few days. Your hair may be oily, dry, normal, wavy, straight, curly, thick or fine. Treat them accordingly. The same products and care will show different results for you and your friend.

2. Wash Your Hair When Necessary

You don’t need to rinse your hair daily. Rather you should wash hair on alternate days or once a week. Oily hair needs frequent washing and it also depends on your hair type, work and scalp condition. People with fine and straight hair need to wash more compared to the ones with wavy, curly hair.

Having dry hair? Try to wash it every third day. In case of oily hair, wash it every other day. And if oil continues to haunt your hair, get it washed every day. And if you don’t have any issues, look to wash your hair every other day or the third day. There is no perfect formula to know that. You have to understand your hair type and wash them accordingly.

3. Avoid Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and avoid washing with hot water, as it strips the natural oil from your hair and makes it look dry and dull.

4. Brush Your Hair Properly

Try to avoid combing your hair just after a shower as it can cause more breakages. A wide-tooth comb can help untangle them without damaging and making hair dull. Also, start untangling your hair from the bottom to minimise breakages.

5. Don’t Use a Blow Dryer

You’re right that blow dryers help your hair dry fast, but the heat from them damages your hair and makes it dull and dry. So, after washing, let air dry your hair, but if you want to use a dryer, prefer the one with a cool setting.

6. Trim Your Hair Regularly

      • If your hair is prone to split ends, get it trimmed regularly in between 6 months. Split ends can stop the growth of your hair and also make them unhealthy and dry.
      • Try to cut your hair yourself as you may not find it easy to get it done in crowded salons. Use hair-cutting scissors for better trimming.
      • Trimming curly or frizzy hair is a little tricky, so wet or straighten them before cutting

7. Avoid Touching Your Hair

As our hair and hands already have their natural oil, constantly touching them can make your hair greasy. So, avoid touching them.

8. Avoid Hair Dye 

Harmful chemicals can make your hair dry and dull, and too much of its use can cause irreparable damage.

9. Protect from UV rays

Sun can damage your hair as it damages the skin, especially if you have coloured hair. Try to cover them when you are outside for a longer period, or prefer a sun protection spray.

10. Try Some Natural Remedies

There are lots of useful products available in the market for your hair. But when we talk about natural products, consider these-


Rinse your hair with unsweetened and brewed tea that corresponds to the colour of your hair. It brings shine and natural colour to your hair.

Coconut Oil

It works as a natural conditioner. Apply heated coconut oil to your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse them with water.

Olive Oil

Take olive oil in a container and apply it for 45 minutes to help maintain the moisture of your hair.


You can use natural honey to strengthen the hair follicle. Mix it well with shampoo and wash your hair.

Selecting Hair Care Products

Choice Shampoo According to Your Hair Type

Before using any shampoo on your hair, please check its ingredient label carefully and select them accordingly. For example, if you have dry hair, use a hydrating shampoo.

Don’t Forget Conditioning Your Hair

A good conditioner moisturises your hair and protects them from damage and split ends. Avoid applying conditioner to your hair roots as it makes them extra oily. Choose it according to your hair type. Like if you have oily hair, choose a lightweight conditioner.

Use Heat Protectant Spray

Before using styling tools, try to add heat protectant serum or spray to your schedule. Because heat can damage your hair. Using heat protectants helps hair stay healthy.

Consider Using Deep Conditioner and Dry Shampoo

Use a deep conditioner along with your regular one, once a week, as it helps repair damaged hair. Also, you can use dry shampoo instead of regular as washing can strip away the natural oil. So, spray dry shampoo on the root of your hair and rub it with your fingers. After that, brush it off.


So, now, you are ready to use these tips to make hair healthy and shiny. You can follow these tips to protect your hair from any damage. If you want professional hair services at home, don’t think twice and contact CuDel now. It provides professional home salon services at your doorstep. Experienced and certified beauty experts pamper your hair according to your comfort and needs.