We all love the flips of hair with air. Hair is the best ornament for all of us. Our hair faces a lot throughout the day due to dirt, pollution, products and styling. But to maintain their shine as usual, you have to give extra attention to your hair. However, our busy schedules sometimes come in between self-care. Don’t worry, we have some easy tips. Using these you can maintain your hair. Basically, to make your hair shiny and healthy, you need to understand some basic dos and don’ts. 

Hair Care Dos 

Wash Your Hair Properly 

Dirt, pollution, product build-up and regular styling make our hair worse and result in more breakages. However, to protect your hair from these, try to wash your hair as per their need. Like, if you have dry hair, wash it twice a week. Excessive washing can lead to more dryness. On the other hand, people with oily scalp can wash their hair on alternate days. 

Try Organic Shampoo 

After facing many issues, treat your hair with organic shampoo. Chemical-based shampoo can make your hair worse and take its natural shine. Avoid using sulphates and parabens involving shampoo to prevent skin irritation and the risk of hormonal disruptions. So keep this in mind. The fewer chemicals you use, the healthier hair you get. 

Apply Conditioner Correctly 

In your hair care kit, put a conditioner that makes the hair come straight and manageable. That protects your hair from dirt, pollution and heat styling. However, the application of conditioner is quite different. You need to apply it to the root of the hair and not the scalp. Also, don’t forget to rinse your hair with water after application. 

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally 

We know you don’t want to wait too long to pat dry your hair. That’s why many of us use blow dryers as it dries hair quickly. But excessive and regular heat makes your hair dry and dull and damages your hair scalp. Limit its use. For healthy and shiny hair, go for a towel dry or natural hair dry. Also, don’t sleep with wet hair and don’t comb. This leads to more roughness and breakage. Don’t rub your hair with a towel, as it may damage your cuticle. So, handle your hair with care. 

Massage Oil on Your Scalp Properly

To keep your scalp and hair healthy, never forget to give a good oil massage. Before shampooing, always massage your hair with oil. This helps improve blood circulation in the scalp. It also promotes hair growth, restores moisture content and repairs split ends. Don’t use mineral oil and go for coconut, jojoba or castor oil. 

Comb Your Hair with Wide Comb 

Wet hair is more delicate and fragile. Firstly, avoid immediate combing after washing. Secondly, use a wide tooth comb on your wet hair to prevent damage.

Style Your Hair Naturally 

Yes, we love experimenting with our hair. However, using styling tools regularly can damage your hair. But if it’s necessary to use heat styling tools regularly, invest in a good heat protectant serum. 

Trim Your Hair Regularly 

To prevent split ends, trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. Split ends occur due to heat styling, stress and many more reasons. 

Hair Care Don’ts 

Hot Showers 

Washing hair with hot water strips the natural oil from the scalp and makes it dry and frizzy. So, for smooth hair, try to wash your hair with normal water. 


If you tend to overthink and take lots of stress, it will adversely affect your hair growth. Your hair will become easy to break, and you may have to face dandruff.


Avoid applying chemicals to your scalp as much as you can. They make your hair dry, disrupt hair growth and can also lead to hair fall.

Washing Hair Using Salt Water 

If you wash your hair with salt water, it may irritate your scalp. It also makes your hair tangled and damages the cuticle. So, make sure to protect your hair with salt water. 


You can involve these in your hair care routine. Many of us may not be able to maintain the health of our hair due to busy schedules. Also, visiting a salon regularly is a problem for many. But we have a solution for you – CuDel – a professional home beauty salon. Here you get hair services at home with professional hands. So, book your appointment and enjoy your services.