Head to Toe Package

Head to Toe Package

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Head to Toe Package



  • Lotus Radiant Pearl Facial 

  • Chocolate Waxing-Full Arms & Under Arms & Full Legs. 

  • Sara-Manicure 

  • Sara-Pedicure 

  • Herbal-Hair Spa 

  • Threading 

Impurities not only affect your face but even your hair, nails and toe. Let’s be free from impurities using the Head to Toe package of CuDel, a home salon brand that has become the customers’ favourite. We want to add you to our list of ‘Happy Customers’ through this package and other home services! Let’s learn more about the Head to Toe package.

Head to Toe Package Services

This package includes services such as Lotus Radiant Pearl Facial, Chocolate Waxing, Sara - Manicure & Pedicure, Threading, and Herbal - Hair Spa.

Lotus Radiant Pearl Facial

Our skilled beauticians apply this facial gently on your face and neck. It softens your skin and makes you feel good. Book this facial service with us and be served at your home. 

Chocolate Waxing

Waxing is the process of removing hair from your arms and legs. And with chocolate waxing, which uses almond oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E and other natural ingredients, feel assured of glowing & healthy skin. 

Sara - Manicure & Pedicure

This manicure & pedicure service helps clean your hands and feet thoroughly. The impact of this cleansing service may last long. So, this Head to Toe package is worth your investment.

Herbal - Hair Spa

Want a calming and soothing hair spa experience? None better than using CuDel’s Herbal - Hair Spa services. The use of vitamins ensures long, healthy and bouncy hair for you to flaunt. Get your hair nourished the natural way with this spa service. 


Use our best-in-class threading services to get your hair around your eyebrows, upper lips and forehead trimmed the best way.

Contact us on WhatsApp for the Head to Toe Package. We’ll be delighted to serve you through our beauty experts.